Burn A Koran In Honour Of Haroon Siddiqui Day

A reader sends in this letter to the Star’s Haroon Siddiqui who today is advising Canadians to bow down to his false prophet Mohammed. Burn, baby, burn!

“To me the Qur’an is not worth the life of one single person. To a devout Muslim it means a great deal and that is why I and others must respect individual Muslim people whom find comfort and sustenance in their book(s). We must never be forced, however, to respect the words of their holy books nor be censored from criticism of certain aspects of Islam as the OIC and the UN want to do.

In Afghanistan recently, the Qur’an was being used to send messages from one terrorist to another in a prison and so they were disposed of – improperly, according to strict Islamic sharia law. Is this a good reason for Muslims to start a killing rampage as they did over the cartoons of Mohammad? I think not but perhaps Islamists like Mr. Siddiqui think that the defense of their holy book deserves unending bloodshed every time they think that it has been besmirched.

Unfortunately, when Christian, Jewish or other religious holy books or artefacts are purposely destroyed by Islamists (such as the Buddhas of Bamiyan, Christian and Jewish symbols), when Mosques are used to give shelter to warring jihadists, or when Christians have been massacred in Nigeria and Egypt recently, there is no outcry from the Western press, Mr. Siddiqui or “moderate” Muslims whom seem afraid of violence from their more radical brethren.

Is this a double-standard? You bet it is!”