Breaking: I Got a RoboCall From Bob Rae! Oh wait that was RoboMassageGirl…

Sorry Bob but “RoboCall” really is a “24-hour wonder” story. No one in their right mind is going to get too worked up over this, other than yourself, the NDP and the chattering classes, especially after the  MSM’s deceitful handling of the Whorehouse Jack Story.

Andrew Coyne The Hypocrite admitted to sitting on the Whorehouse Jack Story. He didn’t think it was newsworthy. Imagine, the soon to be leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition is caught as a found-in of a whorehouse and Coyne decides it isn’t election worthy news. Of course Coyne finds it very plausible the Conservatives are behind the RoboCall non-scandal.

For BatB with thanks to PeoplesCube