Coren Scraps With Michael Jackson’s Rabbi

Upperdate: B’nai Brith Statement, Update at FiveFeet & EyeCrazy

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach gets bested by Coren in a battle royale and then whines about it. As you’ll see the Rabbi gets a bee in bonnet over Coren’s statement concerning Jewish achievement & influence in Hollywood. Coren never said the Jews control Hollywood as Shmuley asserts, only that Jews had influence, further Coren characterized them as secular Jews which is no different a statement than Alan Dershowitz has made.

Coren on Shmuley Round 2


The Jewish Defence League of Canada rejects the smear and false claim of anti-semitism made by Rabbi Boteach against Michael Coren. Rabbi Boteach has a responsibility to issue an apology.

Michael Coren has supported and defended Israel for many years. The following links are some examples of this support. Michael Coren on Why Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism, Michael Coren on Israeli ‘apartheid week‘ Michael Coren & Brian Lilley Celebrate Palestine House De-Funding Michael Coren & Rabbi Kaplan: all things Hanukkah

Michael Coren is a very honest man and the JDL will continue to support him. The JDL demands that Rabbi Boteach issues an immediate apology. The JDL also calls on the Jewish Community to reject the false accusation from Rabbi Boteach of anti-semitism.

Speaking of Hollywood…One of our fave flicks – Hebrew Hammer

Eyecrazy has an update including a link to Coren’s column on the subject.