“Teens’ racist video rants ignite outrage and shock” Maybe To A Globe & Mail Reporter

“..two girls posted a video in which they discuss how black people in their community choose welfare and food stamps and use the money to buy themselves clothes and other material goods.”

From the comments: “A room full of black people laugh their rear ends off when Chris Rock goes on a long tirade against “thug” culture, the distain for education, laziness, baby momas and baby daddies, as part of an HBO special act called “blacks vs. n*ggers.”

Yet two Florida teens make the EXACT SAME observations and they’re evil racists?

How does that work?”

More Liberal hand wringing from the Globe & Mail.

This is good place to start reading: The Black Family: 40 Years of Lies

The article extensively cites The Moynihan Report (1965), yes that Moynihan, the Democrat.

The full report is here.

The Moynihan Report (1965)

The Negro Family:
The Case For National Action
Office of Policy Planning and Research
United States Department of Labor
March 1965