Section 13: one step closer to dead – Plus- Stupid Liberal MP Says Canadians Should Listen To Intern Imported From France

Walker has a nice round up on the progress of Bill C-304 – the Section 13 Killer.

Meanwhile a stupid Liberal MP named Carolyn Bennett, who supports this evil law, not only cites Multicultural Witch Finder Al- ShaBarb Hall but says Canadians should listen to her Intern, who she imported from France and keep this monstrosity called Section 13.

“Last month, an intern in my office from Toulouse, France, Olivia-Kelly Lonkeu, gave a presentation on Bill C-304. In her remarks, she said the freedom of speech did not give the right to vilify and had to be used wisely without undermining Canadian values of equality, tolerance and fairness.”

MP’s have to import interns now? Is there an intern shortage in Canada?

I don’t think it’s fair that we should be importing French Interns at the expense of Canucks but I would not be surprised that this is some sort of Tax Payer funded international intern exchange program designed to give the children of our elites a nice vacation at our expense.