Hamilton’s School Board Race Pimps Exact Revenge On Hillbilly Heaven Owner’s Son

You’ll recall the story of Hamilton’s Hillbilly Heaven restaurant whose owner, Cameron Bailey, came under attack from the city’s Race Pimp n’ Chief, Evelyn Myrie.  She’s Canada’s Al Sharpton but with better shoes and was literally made a nation wide laughing stock when she attempted to impose her twisted racism on Bailey. Evidently she has something on the school board’s Sam Bassani, the grievance monger who enforced this latest, and clearly vindictive decision.

The Race Pimps’s at Hamilton’s Board of Education have denied Bailey’s son the opportunity to complete his co-op program at his father’s restaurant on the grounds his Dad’s signage promotes “hatred, discrimination and racism.” This was after he’d already completed the 1st half of his co-op…at his Dad’s restaurant.

Fire up the Blast Furnaces….