“Frankly, I have great reservation about bringing too much of this kind of “diversity” to my Canada.”

“I was in Edmonton recently and was sitting in the food court of a North End Mall. The place was full of Muslim teenagers. The girls all had hijabs on and wore long sleeved rigs; the boys were dressed like typical teenagers. The boys sat separate from the girls. One girl busied herself moving between her group of girlfriends and a group of boys who were sitting next to me. She only spoke to one of the boys who was clearly her brother (spitting image). She did not look at, nor speak to the other boys and the game went on for at least half an hour. She’d chat with her girl friends … then head to her brother’s table … after she left, he’d chat to his friends about what she had just said. It appeared as if she were taking verbal messages back and forth between the two groups … like some fucking obedient little courier.”