The Strange Views of Mr. Quraishi and their Disturbing Implications for Free Speech

“The recent Legal Project (LP) blog post The OSCE: Yet Another Avenue for Islamists to Control Speech coauthored by Adam Turner and me has prompted a response from Bashy Quraishi himself following considerable linking by various websites in Europe and North America. On the Canadian website BlazingCatFur, Quraishy responded to the posting of the LP piece with the sentiment of being a “bit disappointed that you brought a very selected part of my presentation in your blog.”

Quraishy’s reiterated “main thrust of my argument” was that “criticism of an individual, a group or even a religion is legitimate but it should be for an objective purpose and not to demonize an entire religion.” Quraishy protested again that “Muslims do not ask for any special protection” but merely the “same protection…given to other minorities, for example to Jewish communities or Homosexual groups.”

By Andrew E. Harrod, PhD, JD, Esq.