Mosqueteria Madness: CSIS Report – Teens Being Radicalized In High Schools

TORONTO — A newly released intelligence report warns that teenagers are being exposed to Islamist extremism in Canadian high schools.

In an Intelligence Assessment, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service says that in two recent cases, suspects charged under the Anti-Terrorism Act “appear to have been radicalized in part while attending Canadian secondary school institutions.

Gee, it’s not like we didn’t  warn ya about those Multiculty Mosqueterias.

Paging Barbara Hall, Paging the TDSB, Paging Dalton McGuinty. Look we all know why McGuinty’s Liberal Government allowed the Islamisization of our erstwhile secular public schools. The Liberals are craven vote whores who sacrificed principle and the security of your family & country to win Muslim heavy ridings.

Remember that.