That wasn’t very nice…

of me.

“Dont say that Islam comes from the immigrants, I am a WHITE Canadian Muslim. So are my parents grandparents and all my friends. Muslim women, if you ask them they will tell you that their ultamate goal in life is to marry a Mujahid...” NWONoWorldOrderNWO our correspondent.


About me:

I am a Muslim.
I see your chemtrails.
I don’t drink your liquor, let alone your flouride and chlorine bleach infected tap water.
I am straight edge.
I dont watch TV.
I know that a man in a cave did NOT do 911.
I am Mujahid.
I am not a terrorist.
I WILL fight for what’s right.
So GDIAF ZOG kafferoon.
Aooza bila he mina Shaytan a rajeem,
Bismila he Raman ir Raheem!
The end of Zionism, ZOGS, and Inshalla stopping the genocide of my Brothers and Sisters around the world. You are NOT forgotten.
Books:Books I have read recently…Al-Qur’an (always), 1984, Animal Farm, The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion