ISP’s Cough Up Information 94% Of The Time Already? Then Why The Internet Spy Bill?

“The RCMP’s own data shows that ISP’s provide basic customer data voluntarily roughly 94 per cent of the time. That means a law compelling them to do so would either be mostly redundant, or that police anticipate making lots of requests in the future that ISPs are more likely to refuse.”

So why do we need the internet spy bill then?

From the comments comes a possible answer…that doesn’t address the hardware requirements mandated by the Bill. Who’s monitoring the hardware once it’s installed? Joe the Roger’s guy?

“The bill authorizes the disclosure of specific information to police prior to obtaining a warrant. One police have a warrant, an investigation targetting a user can proceed.

What does anyone think happens now? Police investigators are provided with specific details before police can obtain a warrant. Police and internet providers exchange preliminary information without a specific legal authority that puts a line in the sand.

This act attempts to do that in an effort to give police and internet providers clarity and reassurance.”