My correspondence with Bashy

I received the following reply in the comments to this post “The OSCE: Yet Another Avenue for Islamists to Control Speech” a piece written by Andrew E. Harrod and Adam Turner of the Legal Project.

Bashy and I have been enjoying a pleasant exchange in the comments since.

Dear BlazingCarfur

I am amused and a bit disappointed that you brought a very selected part of my presentation in your blog and used a very suspect reference namely, Der Standard.

The main thrust of my argument was and would always be that criticism of an individual, a group or even a religion is legitimate but it should be for an objective purpose and not to demonize an entire religion. I also said in the conference that Muslims do not ask for any special protection – legal or moral but the same protection, which is given to other minorities, for example to Jewish communities or Homosexual groups. As a human rights activist, it is my duty to raise concern, when people are subjected to discrimination and racism. I do not make a distinction between people because of race, culture and religion. I also fight against anti Semitism and for a better Jewish Muslim relations in Europe.

Kind regards

Bashy Quraishy

Secretary General – EMISCO -European Muslim
Initiative for Social Cohesion – Strasbourg/Copenhagen

Chair-Advisory Council-ENAR – Brussels
Chair-Jewish Muslim
Co-operation Platform