Today in “Nothing whatsoever to do with Islam”

Stupid Professor makes up new word to blame Canadians for creating Islamic Terrorists

A professor Knight of Edmonton, (he isn’t further identified in the story), creates a new phony term to rival Islamophobia: Xenoracism. Xenoracism means that Canadians force muslims to become terrorists.

“According to Knight, the problem is “xenoracism” – a new form of racism that targets foreigners – in Canadian society.

“Immigrants come to Canada for a better life and they are not given jobs, they’re previous credentials are not recognized, their religions are looked down upon,” he said, adding many become bitter and harbour animosity towards Canadian government.

“It can make someone feel unwanted, it can make them feel estranged from Canadian society and it can perhaps lead people to radicalism.”

Uh Huh. Notice how jackasses like Knight always fail to recognize their own racism? It’s called the “racism of lowered expectations” Professor Knight, you might want to look it up some time. Knight has implied that Muslims are incapable of behaving in a rational manner, unlike the generations of immigrants before them and that only muslims have ever faced hardship and obstacles on their way to integration. The poor things, why they’re absolutely helpless! And self-evidently blameless! Note how he studiously avoids any mention of Islam. It likely hasn’t dawned on him that perhaps muslim radicals import their beliefs, and that just perhaps they may even find those beliefs bolstered at Friday prayers.

I am not sure this is the Professor Knight quoted in the story, but if it is we shouldn’t be surprised, being a Board member at the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights or any organization with the words peace or human rights in it is a dead give away that you’re dealing with a useful idiot leftist.

h/t Marty

Update: Scaramouche came up with a new word for multiculty grievance mongers: XENOTWIT