Worlds dullest protest…

Very dull, very small, very old, very not the usual “anti-war” crowd. About 2 dozen folks turned out at Dundas Square to protest against war with Iran, no fiery speeches, just a sad shuffling protest. I’ll have to check out to learn about the folks behind it. Truth be told they seem, at face value, to be comprised of “socialists” who likely fled Iran after Khomeini took over.

Oh yea, now I remember why I took this picture in New York…

The Islam Info Guy was out, as always. Sass scored a free Koran and a DVD! I missed the near fight between the Islam guy and the Louis Farrakhan Islam Guys, evidently the “religion of peace” thing has it’s limits.  The Bible guy maintained a respectful neutrality.

Some guy on rollerblades. Sheesh.

The PETA girls were out.