Conservative Government Gives Your Tax Dollars To Hamas Fundraisers

Point De Bascule has done some excellent work tracking down Mosques who have received funding under the the federal government’s SIP – Security Infrastructure Program. I’ve written about the SIP Program previously in my “Your Tax Dollars At Prayer” series, where for instance we learned that the feds were partners with  Muammar Gaddafi’s  World Islamic Call Society. The World Islamic Call Society has since had its Canadian charitable status revoked, for among other things, funding the JFK Terrorists.

Point De Bascule has uncovered  that all of the mosques listed below received your tax dollars and also in turn donated to IRFAN Canada. IRFAN Canada had its charitable status revoked in 2011 because they funded Hamas to the tune of 14.6 million dollars. The mosques in question have donated a total of $367,703.00 to Hamas fund raiser IRFAN Canada.

The audit revealed that Irfan-Canada has provided over $ 14.6 million in resources from partner agencies conducted by representatives of Hamas, who openly supported and financed the Hamas, or appearing on a list of some jurisdictions because of their support of Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

The diagram below details the money trail of funds received by the following Mosques and the Muslim Association of Canada from the federal government and the amounts in turn funnelled to IRFAN Canada. Read Point’s entire post here.

Centre islamique de l’Outaouais
Centre islamique BADR (Montréal)
Ottawa Muslim Association
London Moslem Mosque
Arabian Moslem Association
Institut Dar al Iman (Montréal)
Muslim Association of Hamilton
Edmonton Islamic School