“Shoah mostly consists of interviews with those who claim to be Holocaust-survivors, exploring the alleged killing of European Jews in Nazi death camps”

Leave it to Ahmadinejad’s Press TV.

Get a load of the article’s headline: “Turkey to broadcast pro-Holocaust film”

And get a load of the comments: “Proof if required that turkey is a puppet of the zion nazis of Isra-Hell.Holocoust was a creation of the jews ,for gaining the Palestinian country. ZIONIST Jews FOOLED Hitler and the world into beliving zionist jews and the HOLOCOUST. LOOK AT HISTORY THERE WERE THOUSANDS OF JEWS IN THE GERMAN ARMY A FACT that is hidden from the world by these zionist. Why is NO RESERCH allowed into the HOLOCOUST if it were all true? ask yourself. Why do all the countries mentioned in the article want to prison you even before you could ask a question? ZIONIST even today are fooling the world wake up and crush them before we kill each other again.While these parasite zions nazis get richer on our BLOOD.”

Which ties in nicely with the latest sermon by Canada’s leading anti-Semitic Twelver, our very own maniac, Zafar Bangash