Taxi Jihad

BBC Fires radio host for “racism” Note that Asian is the common term for muslims in the UK.

For some reason Muslims get upset when they’re the alleged victims of discrimination, meanwhile Daniel Pipes has a good round up of the on-going Taxi Jihad. Why is “accomodation” always a one way street with multicultists?

“Bruce Gilmour, a blind man from the North Shore of Vancouver, British Columbia, has filed a case with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal after a driver, Behzad Saidy, refused to let his guide dog into his North Shore taxi in January 2006. Gilmour complains that North Shore taxi discriminated against him on the basis of his physical disability. Saidy responds that his Muslim beliefs do not permit him to take dogs in his taxi. North Shore Taxi filed a document with the Human Rights Tribunal stating that about half of its drivers are “unable to take animals in their taxis due to medical or religious reasons.”

NB: This case was settled between Gilmour and the Taxi Company & The Islamist – the settlement required that Gilmour be required to wait until a non-jihadi taxi driver could be found every time he wanted a taxi.