Justice: Shafia Honour Murderers All Guilty

They were sentenced to automatic life sentences with no parole for 25 years

The Daily Mail has a very good article up

Christie Blatchford: No honour in ‘cold-blooded, shameless’ murder of Shafia girls

lying is like breathing to this family.”

“Each of the Shafia family members addressed the court, denying their involvement. Hamed said in English, “I did not drown my sisters anywhere, while Yahya said “I am not a murderer.” Her husband echoed that, with “I did not commit any murder.”

Read more about it Here. Here & Here.

Update: Prosecutor heckled by deniers of Shafia guilt on SunTV

NB: The Hecklers speak very good unaccented English….

Bonus – Feisty Old Gal says she hopes Devil shits on Shafia murderers graves

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