Debate Score: Lots of Heat, Little Sunshine in Florida’s Republican Debate

In terms of a debate score, Ron Paul probably won tonight despite the fact that he isn’t running in Florida and many of his beliefs about America and the world belong in the other party, and some of them belong in another century. He was feisty and funny and put a fine gloss on his foreign policy when he had to and was as articulate in assailing federal spending as ever. Romney was presidential and authoritative when he and Gingrich weren’t arguing, and he scored a couple of real hits on Gingrich’s recent charges. Gingrich also scored a hit when he surprised Romney about some inflammatory language regarding Gingrich in one of his campaign’s radio ads. Santorum was very solid on foreign policy, but flashed angry too often. Passion and strong beliefs tend to be rewarded in debates, but showing a temper tends to cost hard-earned ground.

And this debate probably changed nothing.