What’s wrong with this picture…

A reader writes: Enclosed is a picture of a detail from a mural painted in Winnipeg’s West End, one of the city’s biggest multicult hotspots. It’s banal and non-offensive and generally nausea-inducing in its Kumbaya-style appeal at harmony. I see it every day, and after awhile it dawned on me how horrifying it really is.

The characters are all similar in style but naturally have different-colored skin. It actually took me awhile to realize how dehumanizing this is, how it erases any individual identity as an African, Hindu, Asian, etc, and simply represents multiculturalism as a spectrum of brown to browner. These aren’t people represented here. They are token platitudes painted shades of brown, with no faces or individual characteristics.”

Hmmm I notice everyone has their hands up as if being robbed….