So should I take this seriously?

This is the latest “death threat” from someone claiming to be Maryam Torabipour,, a member of the Maleki clan, who incidentally “got off” on charges of accessory to murder recently.

We can get you asshat. Just like we can get those corrupted Judges , we
will get you.

Remember- 6 shots to the chest and no gun found. It’s stil out there.
ANd the best part is it’s all free of charge. try getting me Arnold……..
whatever these jewies pay you or what you have going with them it’s not worth
dying for…remove the refernces by friday or we see…………..
don’t think the chief of police in york Region will put up with your slander and filth.
Ask Ms. Holzman what happens to those whom dishonor our family and our sponsers in the
york regional police.)-:


Judith Holzman is the lawyer involved in a custody case involving the Maleki clan, who rank 2nd only to the Khadr’s in my books as leading spokesmen to the benefits of multiculturalism.

So should I report this?