Jimmy Carter Is A F*cking Idiot: Egyptian Army Was Actually Helping The Beaten “Blue Bra” Woman ‘Get Dressed”

Carter wrote the following report about his recent Egyptian excursion, apparently he is serious.

“I was received with a friendly welcome as I congratulated the military leaders for what seemed to be a successful election, and then asked a number of questions. It seemed that the SCAF had full confidence that there would be accommodation to their demands by the Muslim Brotherhood and their coalition partners as the new government is formed. Instead of the reported 12,000 mostly political prisoners being held for trials in military courts, the Field Marshal stated that there were no more than 3,000, all of whom were guilty of criminal acts and being tried in civilian courts. He stated that the widely promulgated videos showing military attacks on demonstrators and a woman “with the blue brassiere” were all falsified. He said the soldiers were actually helping the woman re-clothe herself with what was provocative attire. I was assured that the emergency law would be lifted before the presidential election, no later than June.”

Jimmy The Fucking Idiot Carter writes this as if he believes it, I imagine he does.

Here’s the Blue Bra Woman being Beaten er… being helped to get dressed