Islamophobia In Canada! “It is brought to our attention that the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran are planning to participate in this event”

Imagine that. Enemies of the Republic of Iran! Here In Canada! I’m shocked!  A gang of Toronto Twelvers are planning a little Shia Love-In for the Mad Mullahs of Iran but they’re concerned the party will be crashed.

Salãmun alaykum,

It is brought to our attention that the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran are planning to participate in this event. They are participating with their evil intent to hijack and create confusion and so our presence in large numbers is necessary to overcome their aggression peacefully.

Subsequently may I humbly request you all to participate with your family including children’s. Please try to mobilise your friends and colleagues to attend this event.

Remember there are only two forces in Islam; good and bad, right or wrong. Even non-Muslims who have intellect understand the sensitivity of remaining passive, docile and neutral. The great Italian poet, philosopher and great thinker Dante Alighieri once said “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in a time of moral crisis, remain neutral.”

In the words of the king of the martyrs, Imam Husayn (as), “We are not responsible for the result, we are only responsible for our effort”


siraj Ali
Ha! SDmatt points out our Twelver’s odd fondness for Dante – “he’s the guy who put Mohammad in hell with his stomach ripped open and his guts falling out.”

This is the event, featuring none other than Islamist Scumbag Zafar Bangash

Note the event is “hosted” by Al-Haadi-Musalla which is located at 65 Thorncliffe Park Drive, Apt #114 Toronto, Ontario M4H1L2 Canada. That’s Mosqueteria territory.

Al-Haadi Musalla is arranging bus ride to the McMaster University, Hamilton coming Thursday 26th January 2012 to participate in the event mention below:

Marching to War with Iran @ 7:30pm
Speaker: Zafar Bangash
Room HSC1A6,
Science Centre (Ewart Angus Centre),
McMaster University Medical Centre.

The Bus schedule is as following:

Bus Departure Date & Time: January 26th Thursday 2012, 5:30 pm
Bus Departure and Arrival Location: East York Town Centre, opposite Zeller Entrance (Thorncliffe Park Drive and Overlea Blvd.)
Bus Arrival Time: Around 10:00 pm