That sound you hear is the leftist narrative crumbling….”Toronto murders drop after Jamaica-based gang crackdown”

“Police in Toronto and Jamaica say gang-related homicides have significantly declined in the 20 months since the arrests of key leaders of the Shower Posse, a violent criminal organization involved in drug and arms trafficking that operates in several countries.”

h/t Chayisun who writes: “Pierre Elliot Trudeau, through his friendship with Michael Manley, the now dead former Prime Minister of Jamaica, threw the doors open to Canada for immigration from Jamaica. Most of them, unfortunately, settled in Toronto, creating dens of crime in areas such as the Jane and Finch corridor, Scarborough and other places.

People who expressed dismay at the swarm of Jamaicans who arrived, many straining the welfare system, were painted with the usual racist brush.These same people waited for the expected boom in crime. Didn’t have to wait long….Drugs, murder, robberies and other crimes soon became news of the day and the number of dead blacks..(at least they, for the most part, were killing each other) increased day by day and month by month. AND, it was commonplace NOT to point out that the criminals were, in fact, blacks.

Gunplay soon was erupting in downtown Toronto, causing death to innocent shoppers and yet the politically correct twits wouldn’t, or couldn’t believe that Trudeau’s long ago idiocy was, in fact, a contributing factor to the mess.

And, now “they” say there is reason for optimism. Optimism died the day the Trudeau opened the door….”