We lost a friend from downunder…

Greetings Blazing,

As a long time reader of your site and occasional inputer, I thought I would send along news of the passing of my 19 year old cat this evening.

The Little man came to us just over 6 years ago, having decided that he would move into our house from the neighbours to retire, he had had enough of the kids I think. My wife decided in her wisdom that his name would be “moo” due to the fact he was black and white like a milking cow.

His life before he came to live with us had not been a good or happy one, he suffered from grand maul seizures and not knowing this his former people kicked him outside due to his loss of bladder control. Once he moved in with us (barged in and made himself at home, would be more accurate a discription) we recognized his condition fairly quickly as my wife is a nurse and recognized the symptoms, so his last 6 years were made as comfortable as possible.

This evening he slipped into a coma and passed away on my lap just before midnight. He will be missed and remembered.

The Infidel