Oh. How interesting.

“… Canada’s Muslims come from Indonesia to the West Indies and almost every country in between. Their education levels, understanding of Islam, temperament, wisdom, culture and outlook toward Canada, Canadians and life itself differ markedly. They are building mosques, which they need for prayers, religious instructions and other activities, and this is no small achievement. Some are reaching out to fellow Canadians and providing social services. But, as a community, they have not extended the same energy to building bridges with Canadians of other faiths or to serving the Muslim community. Some needy Muslims have to turn to other communities or the government for help.

Formerly only skilled immigrants came. Canada’s family reunification program and offering asylum to those found to face more than a mere possibility of facing persecution, cruelty or unusual treatment or punishment in their own countries now brings in Muslims who find adjustment to life in Canada hard.

Unemployment, divorce rates, crimes, drug addiction, alcoholism and family violence have risen among Muslims. In Ottawa far more Muslim youth are in detention than their numbers warrant.”