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Palliewood that’s what the natives call it…Palliewood

Related: Who the hell goes to University to study anything from a “Marxist Perspective”? What sort of job does that qualify you to have? Future Gulag Commandant?  Following is a list of speakers from a recent anti-Israel event held in Toronto. I really wouldn’t mind if they studied “The Murder of Hundreds of Millions” because of a “Marxist Perspective”. They could combine it with another study in socialism’s application, “The Murder of Millions” because of a “Nazi Perspective”. It’s like subsidizing the Nazi Party in our universities.

Presenter Biographies

Abigail Bakan:

Head of the Department of Gender Studies, and Professor of Political Studies,
at Queen’s University. Her current work includes a collection with Ena Dua,
on theorizing anti-racism based on a dialogue between Marxist and post-colonial
approaches; a SSHRC-funded project, with Yasmeen Abu-Laban, on the World
Conferences Against Racism and processes of racialization in the context of
Israel/Palestine. Her articles have appeared in Race and Class, Social
Identities, Rethinking Marxism, Socialist Studies, Atlantis, and Studies in
Political Economy.

Stefan Kipfer
teaches in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University. He
researches comparative urban politics and the role of ‘the city’ in Marxist and
counter-colonial theoretical traditions, including those embodied in Henri
Lefebvre, Frantz Fanon and Antonio Gramsci. With Kanishka Goonewardena, he
pursues a research project on the re-‘colonization’ of public housing districts
in Paris and Toronto.”

Karen Murray
Associate Professor of Political Science at York University. Her current
research examines the governmental interplay of race, space and gender in urban
contexts. Her recent work on Vancouver’s east end has been published in BC
Studies, and she has a forthcoming paper entitled “The Silence of Urban
Aboriginal Policy” to be published in Urban Aboriginal Policy Making, Evelyn
Peters, ed. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press.

Vannina Sztainbok
(PhD, University of Toronto) is a Lecturer in the Department of Social Sciences
at the University of Toronto. Her research interests include race and space in
Latin America; intersections of race, class, sexuality, and gender; the
politics of culture; and citizenship and belonging. She has recently completed
a thesis that investigates the simultaneous marginalization and celebration of
an Afro-Uruguayan neighbourhood in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Cynthia Wright:
teaches in the School of Women’s Studies, as well as the Departments of History
and Geography at York University. Her diverse research interests include the
social and historical production of migrant “illegality”; the origins of
immigration controls; colonialism and imperialism; Cuba; transnational feminism
and sexuality studies; and social justice movements. With Bridget Anderson and
Nandita Sharma, she recently guest-edited a special issue of Refuge on “No
Borders as Practical Politics.”