Lilley – Bureaucrats gunning for rifle owners

Abuse of power by the unelected

When Bill C-68, the gun registry bill, was being debated, opponents said registration of firearms would lead to their eventual confiscation. Now that is happening.

Just before Christmas, owners of certain firearms were informed by letter that their rifles had been reclassified as prohibited weapons in Canada and they must be turned over to police officials. Failure to comply would mean the weapons would be taken by force and the owners thrown in jail. The reason for the change: The rifle looks scary.

The Armi Jager AP-80 is a .22-calibre rimfire rifle that looks like the AK-47, the Soviet-era military rifle. The fact is the AP-80 doesn’t work like the AK-47, fires a vastly smaller round than the AK-47 and has no parts that are interchangeable with the AK-47.

This change appears to be based on looks.