Liberal Caucus & Islamist Hate Preachers Team Up To Target Jason Kenney

Birds of a feather. The Liberal caucus is teaming up with the Hate Preachers from NAMF (North American Muslim Foundation) to target Jason Kenney’s immigration reforms at a Town Hall Meeting. “What Jason Kenney doesn’t want you to know about citizenship & immigration.”

This is a sample of the Muslim Hate preachers that NAMF brought in to speak over Ramadan in 2011.

“They said, “what is the Islamic position on “homosexuality”? And I told them: Put my name in the paper. The punishment is death. And I’m not going to change this religion “

and…Jews, gays and kaffirs are “filth”

“In the scriptures of Jews we notice that the concept of life after death is a vague one. It is, in fact, a materialistic concept, and it is also a racist one. For Jews God is a pro-Jewish Lord. He gives them the right to crush and eliminate all other nations who are called Goyim (non-Jews). These people do not deserve to be human and naturally do not qualify to enter Heaven. It is a concept of bias, hatred and racism.” More here.

Read the Simon Wiesenthal Centre’s condemnation of one of NAMF’s hired Hate Preachers here.

Here’s Ezra discussing how another Liberal, Dalton McGuinty, gave the Hate Preachers at NAMF 150K of your tax dollars.