Crazy Muslim Death Threat Update: York Region – Stranger Than You Can Imagine….

So what are these crazy Muslim death threats all about? I wish I could reveal everything but this will have to do for now. This will be a bit disjointed but try to be patient.

Judith Holzman is a lawyer. She practices family law. She represents a client involved with the Maleki clan in a family law matter.

Judith Holzman has been on the receiving end of death threats for approximately the past 2 years. The crazies know where she lives, where she works, what kind of car she drives etc. York Regional Police are seemingly powerless to act.

How is it that 4 Ontario Judges can be threatened with impunity as in this latest e-mail? Bear in mind that these are Judges who ruled in favour of Judith Holzman’s client. Also note that this isn’t the first time judges involved in this case have been threatened. Following is an excerpt from the latest missive I received.

“To the evil entity of Zionist Judges in Newmarket whom have corrupted Justice in the name of money and hate, whom have defiled And dishonored the very seats they sit on by ruling against A honorable and distinguished Firoozandeh Maleki, you will Pay in blood and misery,

To Judge McDermott whom granted a righteous Muslim Child In the hands of a criminal and drug dealer, to Zionist Entity And Ashkenazi Jew Judge Kaufman whom took the territory Of Firoozeh Maleki and delivered it the hands of a son of Satan, To Justice McGee whom defiled and dishonored a simple request for these ladies- Firoozeh, Afarin and Fariba in the glorious presence of Detective Gentili- to be safe From Satan’s evil, To Justice Timms whom foolishly and with evil intent Awarded a grievance for Satan in full disregard of the legal system and honor, Your punishment will be blood and misery, we will show you That your illusion of invincibility is based on False prophets And faith in a system that is corrupted and corruptible, We will do away with your invincible state and show you that Only Allah can Judge and only Allah can punish, For your blatant transgressions against our family the wages will Be death…

10 YRP cops were cc’d on the e-mail excerpted above. That’s how crazy this story is. Judith Holzman reported the threats to the YRP, they came over, they took some details and that will be the end of it, like so much else that has occurred. They can’t or won’t act although I’m told the YRP has its suspicions about who is behind these e-mails.

And how does Uncle Ben fit in all this? Uncle Ben is the crazy Maleki relative whose used car dealership was busted by the DEA on money laundering charges in Texas. He wasn’t named in the recent DOJ  “car dealership” terror financing bust that just went down however.  Yea I’ve received threats from uncle Ben as well;)

I need a question answered. If an access to information request is filed with York Regional Police how can that access request be denied due to matters of “National Security”. I haven’t seen the requests that were denied in this manner, I am stating only what was told to me in a phone call this evening. Is there such a federal statute that regional police forces are able to utilize on the grounds of “National Security”?