Tory appointee has done a great job cleaning up the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

Shirish Chotalia has faced multiple harrasment charges by members of one of Canada’s most predatory public service unions, resulting in the  departure of almost half of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal’s staff. A staff long associated with the worst this Kangaroo Kourt had to offer.

Read the whiny bitterness of one ex-staffer whose alleged “harrasment” complaint, which was upheld, amounted to the equivalent of “she looked at me funny.” It’s a tough job cleaning out a vipers nest.

Knowing the CHRT as the Kangaroo Kourt it was during the Section 13 era, it would appear that Shirish Chotalia was considered guilty by her staff of 3 things:

1) She was a Harper Appointee – that’s very bad

2) She expected staff to actually perform the work of the tribunal – a crime in the eyes of union parasites

3) She is a minority who went “off the reservation” a grievous sin in the eyes of the leftists who had the run of the place prior to her arrival.