Muslim Hate Mail – Content warning

This is a real beauty. It relates to this clown, Bahman Hafez- Amini, a purported uncle of the Maleki Chicks.

tjis shit is for you motherfucking wop….you rat motherfucker…
we been watching your house to fuck you up bad…i seen you see me the other day on your veranda…i told you on the phone that i am going to fuck your ass bad…i ave a hard on for you..i am gong to fuck you up rat and rip chunks from your face with my own teeth aint nothing but a fucking prankster gangster..a botch rat..

you fucked up armin’s was you rat..i hear the shit you and
your lawyers do with the judges and shit..that shit stop
me..i am going to fuck your mother’s ass, your sister’s ass…you seen me a few times in front of your home dawg….you know we aint playing b..we are hardcore persian pride g all original…you play we dont…armin tells me how the cops want you dead and dont
give a fuck what they do…what they started i will finish……

fuck this shit and fuck you wop..i hate wops. i hate jews and i fucking
hate you pussy christian wops….i am going to put a few in your chest and one in your
mouths BUT i am going to make you watch while i fuck your sisters ass in
front of you…
you watch….. we be coming b……. rat bastard…. we know what you
did to ben.. he was a good man and these are good people…your coward shit stop b..and if it takes a few dead wop and jews…fuck it B….im your man.. my promise i made on the phone to you will be kept..i am your worse nightmare!!!!! get ready to sleep bitch…. 2 g22 for you and yours …happy new year
wop bitch and take down those stupid blogs have nothing better to do motherfucking soft wop bastard… this is gong to be fun……. we are going to fuck you up in that shit box gold crv and your lawyer will die n her red car…maybe 2 for 1 in taht dark alley on major mac??? fucking wop bastard….