Forget about it Jake…It’s Canada

Criminal fraud trial of three ex-Nortel executives begins

“If convicted, the maximum sentences are 14 years for fraud affecting markets, five years for falsifying accounts and 10 years for filing a false prospectus. Nortel fired the three executives “for cause” in 2004.”

This case will take years and in the end even if the allegations are proven true they won’t serve serious time, just ask Garth Drabinsky.

It pays to be a white collar criminal in Canada…remember this

BMO’s mortgage fraud claims won’t be probed

“There just aren’t enough police officers to investigate these crimes,” said Mathers, a Toronto-based corporate crime consultant. Mathers said fraud is rampant in Canada and police forces are already swamped.

“If you double the number of investigators, you will just have double the number of crimes being investigated and still have a whole bunch stacked in a pile and waiting to go.”