Break union stranglehold on City Hall

Break union stranglehold on City Hall

Toronto City Hall is not an employment agency for city staff. It’s a taxpayer owned and funded body, whose job is to provide services to the public in the most economical, efficient way possible.

Thanks to a combination of union intransigence and previous councils caving in to unreasonable union demands, Mayor Rob Ford has to start cleaning up the fiscal mess he inherited in the latest round of contract talks for new labour agreements this year.

How big is the problem? As City Manager Joe Pennachetti recently put it in a memo to staff: “There is no other municipal employer in Canada with collective bargaining language as restrictive as ours.”

How restrictive? As Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday explained in a Sun column last week, it cost the city $10 million to delete 145 positions in the outside workers’ bargaining unit (CUPE Local 416) because extensive “bumping” provisions allowed workers to remain in their deleted positions for up to three years.

That’s unacceptable.