Pipeline hearings starting: Tell Minister Oliver not to let foreign interests determine fate of Canadian workers

“Please consider filling out the online form (you have to scroll down to see it, but it’s easy to use):

EthicalOil.org is calling on Canadians to send a message to Minister of Natural Resources, Joe Oliver, to tell him to ban foreigners and their local puppets from appearing before the federal government’s Northern Gateway Pipeline joint review panel hearings.

Today we launched a form on OurDecision.ca  that allows Canadians to send a message directly to Minister Oliver. Foreigners and foreign groups are registered to appear before the pipeline review panel, and we think Minister Oliver should exclude them. Whether or not Canada decides to build this pipeline is a Canadian decision, based on Canadian interests.

Please visit OurDecision.ca and send Minister Oliver the message that foreigners and their front-groups should not be part of our decision making-process.
We shouldn’t let outsiders dictate what is best for our country.

You can add your voice and keep up with developments by following @OurDecision_ca on Twitter.”