Goodbye Democracy: My Political Analysis is Banned By A European Government’s Computer Program As “Hate Speech”

By Barry Rubin

“I have just been informed that my PJ article, “Egypt: As Grim Islamists March Toward Power, The Naïve Dance in Tahrir Square” has been barred on sites used by officials of a European government–hint, they speak English there and it is the birthplace of modern democracy and free speech–on the grounds that this article is “hate speech.”

What this means is that if you work for any institution that is part of this government–including the Foreign or Defense ministries–you cannot read this PJ Media column on your computer that’s part of such a server.

The message reads: Access denied — reason given : hate speech. My reader asks sarcastically if complaining about this action would constitute a “thought crime” on his part.

Thank God Britain still has people like this: Douglas Murray on Islam