Only On Rabble: You can’t say “Blind Spot” anymore

The term formerly known as “blind spot” is now to be known as “blank spot” according to the Babbleloons, as in;

“Such ‘blank spots’ [Editor’s note: a substitute phrase for the ableist term ‘blind spots’] are gaps in knowledge resulting from our social location. Therefore, this assignment challenges us to think critically about our blank spots, or the things we have been conditioned not to understand.”

You really should read the entire essay. This minor classic of leftist stupidity, Learning our own lessons: One teacher’s privilege diary, written by an alleged U of T instructor, concerns “white privilege” and contains such gems as:

“As I walk to my naturopath, I pass women who can’t afford legal drugs accessing the needle exchange. Many have turned to survival sex work to access drugs. Rich women in my gentrifying neighborhood hold ‘safety’ meetings to get rid of the ‘prostitutes’ in the name of protecting their children, and, let’s be honest, their property values.”

Perhaps Little Miss White Privilege Prof should hire some of these Crack Ho’s as babysitters.
h/t Bob.

Bonus! “Chinga tu madre!” David C. Climenhaga!