Michael Coren & Peter Stockland Discuss Canada’s Office Of Religious Freedom

This is hilarious;)

Background: Baird defends Office of Religious Freedom from skeptics

“Freedom of religion is one of the first things in the Charter, it’s one of the first things in the Bill of Rights, it’s front and centre in the UN Declaration of Human Rights — it’s an essential human right; I don’t see any concern about that at all,” Mr. Baird told The Canadian Press in a year-end interview.”

Michael Coren & Walt Heyer Discuss The Insanity Of Gender Free Education

This is from the BC Teachers Federation web site.

From The Myth’s & Facts section “The Gender Spectrum”

MYTH: Hormone blockers, used to delay puberty in transgender teens, are detrimental to one’s health.

FACT: Hormone blockers are a safe way to “buy time” as the transgender teen decides whether to go on cross-hormones. This treatment prevents the (often traumatic) development of secondary sex characteristics that do not match the person’s gender identity. It also prevents the need for painful and expensive surgeries to undo these changes later in life. This treatment is widely endorsed by family doctors, endocrinologists, psychologists, and other specialists involved in transgender health programs.