Sadly far too many of our own politicians are cut from the same craven cloth

Cameron has yet to act on his multiculturalism speech- How many lives of Muslims girls will be lost until he does?

“The police estimate there are at least an astonishing two-thousand reported cases of forced marriage a year related to ethnic Islamic communities. Just one constabulary,South Wales police got fifty complaints for forced marriages between 2010 and 2011. Many more cases are likely to exist as a result of instances being unreported due to fear.

The tragic case of Banoz Mahmod who was murdered by the order of her father by her cousins for fleeing an arranged marriage is only one of many hundreds of cases of girls who are deprived not only of basic autonomy and dignity of choice, but also live under the threat or actual violence from their families in the U.K. By god the Victorians would have been proud of their posterity, if they saw our appalling political acquiescence to this.

This extraordinary level of abuse occurs because of multiculturalism. This appalling abdication of being proud to be British prevents us from fighting for gender equality in minority cultures such as traditional Islam, where equality between the sexes is an alien concept…”