Brian Lilley Asks…What is Canadian conservatism?

“As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post there has been plenty of chatter about whether Stephen Harper’s Conservative government is conservative enough.

Some, like Andrew Coyne, claim that this current crop of politicians with the C beside their name and the blue upon their ties long ago gave up any right to be called conservative at all. I would argue that there is more to conservatism that fiscal conservatism and pointed to several conservative achievements of this current government.

So what is conservatism, specifically Canadian conservatism?

Coyne is certainly correct when it comes to Ontario’s Conservative Party. Recall when Rob Ford was running for mayor, some 38 alleged conservatives came out in support of…George Smitherman. How can anyone forget the Hudak campaign which did it’s best to mimic McGuinty’s or recall that idiot Ernie Eves who warned darkly prior to the election that “some” wanted to bring “Tea Party” politics into Ontario!
Yup I sure do Ernie, in order to one day reclaim the Ontario conservative party from Liberal suckholes. Five-Feet will be on Lilley’s show tonight discussing this topic.