What A Year

Where to Start? 2011 was a wild ride. Osama Bin Laden’s death revealed Pakistan’s treachery and at the same time made a mockery of the United States and its affirmative action President. Meanwhile Obama Bin Bama continues to surrender US interests in the Middle East. The Arab Spring has turned into an Islamist Nightmare and Iran is Saber Rattling, confident that Obama will do nothing to upset his Islamist soul mates. Europe may yet trigger the next Great Depression if Obama doesn’t beat them to the punch.

Closer to home things were a bit brighter. A conservative majority and the near wipe out of the Liberal party were the year’s highlights. 2012 holds promise as the year that Section 13 will finally be put to death. No one is afraid to discuss the folly of our immigration policy any more. The Long Gun Registry is history. Sun News hit the airwaves and is every bit as fun as we expected. The CBC is getting a good swift kick and with luck will see genuine budget cuts in the future.

2011 wasn’t without its downside domestically of course. We learned our MSM happily covered up the antics of Whorehouse Jack Layton. Ontario saw a despised Premier re-elected to a minority government after Ontarians realized that we don’t have a conservative party in this province. Public education has been an eye opener: Granny get your gun or Tranny will beat you to it. Occupy no longer does, despite a significant effort by a large and sympathetic segment of the MSM to elevate these layabouts and union hacks into a “movement” of national import.

Militant Islam remains a threat, internationally and domestically. We are fighting back, whether against the Mosqueteria or in support of Kenney’s Niqab ban our voice is being heard and none of us has any intention of letting up or “toning it down”.

It’s been a great year for this blog, readership has increased steadily and continues to grow. Stories that appeared here first have been forced on the MSM by the strength of your readership alone. Your support has allowed me to stand on the shoulders of “Giants” & means that we will continue to have a forum that allows us to discuss those politically incorrect ideas the MSM and our politicians are too cowardly to address. Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back.

Happy New Year Everyone!