All the way from Islamabad…Haidi

Haidi 23 left this comment on :Red Cross: Taliban bodies do not decay!… And they don’t smell foul…once you get past that goat stench

“alive proof of what Quran says about the fighter who fight against the enemies of Islam. All the people above who commented on this happening actually found no logic that one side American and their allies solider dead bodies not only decaying but dying with unbearable odors and on the other hands Talibans dead bodies have pleasant fragrance. They typed accordance with their knowledge but who believe on God and Holy Books including Quran, on the day of Judgement and life afterward, they know the logic, they know the truth. O people just for the sake of your knowledge or for your own please read and understand Islam and Quran because it is not just for the Muslim, its for whole humanity. We Muslim unfortunately unable to deliver and demonstrate and preach what Allah has order to us otherwise no one in this world has hated Islam, Muslim and Taliban. One live question will remain on earth why after all America and Allies attacked Iraq, Afghanistan and why they are declaring this war end now. After killing thousand of thousands innocent why we are still unable to learn who is terrorist.”

No idea what the hell he is talkin about.