Section 13 Could Face Repeal!…. Plus – What the #!%*?: Section 13 of federal human rights code explained

Internet hate speech section of rights code could face repeal

A Tory MP plans to introduce legislation as early as Friday calling for the repeal of a section in the federal human rights code banning hate speech over the Internet.

Despite being a backbencher, Brian Storseth is convinced the bill will succeed because nearly every Tory MP opposes Section 13, and he believes the Harper government wants to see it repealed.

“Section 13 suppresses the basic right to freedom of speech in our society that is guaranteed under the Charter of Rights & Freedoms,” said Mr. Storseth, who represents the Alberta riding of Westlock-St. Paul.”

What the #!%*?: Section 13 of federal human rights code explained

Q: Section 13 again? What the heck? I thought Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn already slew that kangaroo. It says so on the Internet.

A: You need to get out more. Section 13 is not dead. It’s resting. Unfinished cases are on hold, and no new ones have been launched since 2008, when the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled the law violates section 2(b) of the Charter of Rights & Freedoms, which guarantees freedom of expression. That decision, in the case of far-right webmaster Marc Lemire, put the law into limbo but did not technically overturn it. An appeal in federal court is slated for December.

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