Hudak are you listening? Finally A Conservative Candidate With Some Balls… and she’s a woman! Meet Andrea Mandel-Campbell

Video from Don Mills All Candidates debate, Don Valley West, September 22

Reader Sanwin sent this in: “The Conservative candiate in Don Valley West Andrea Mandel-Campbell who is running against Islamist apologist Kathleen Wynn, has bigger balls than WhuDucked… and she’s a woman. Tim Hudak should be taking notes and testosterone.

Here she is at the all candidates debate on September 22.”

On the issue of the Valley Park Middle School Mosqueteria, Kathleen talks about reasonable accomodation:

“Reasonable accomodation is two way street and we should also include Canadian values in that. As a woman who takes women’s issues seriously and as a mother of a 9 year old girl I actually have problem with menstruating girls being separated.”