Bizarre “unsent letter” To Queen Elizabeth By Dead Chechen Jihadi Leader Claims Princess Di “Accepted Islam”

Unsent letter of Shamil Basayev to British Queen Elizabeth II

“This unsent letter was ready to be made accessible to the general public back in 2003. Author- Shamil Basayev (Martyr, Insha’Allah). Date: after a magnificent reception accorded by the British Queen to Putin.”

“We always remember that Britain since the first of the Crusades and the colonial wars has been and continues to this day to remain the most implacable enemy of Islam and the Muslim world as a whole. England was the brain and the main headquarters of all the wars that Europe in the last century waged against Muslim countries….

I encourage you to adequately prepare for the eternal, not to resist the truth and accept Islam as ​​a member of your royal family, Princess Diana, had.”

Abdullah Shamil Abu-Idris
Source: ChechenInfo