Ezra Levant Mocks CBC’s Beloved Pipeline Protest

Ezra takes a swing at the foreigners,CBC types, and all the other Saudi shills who turned up on Parliament Hill to protest the Oil Sands & The Keystone Pipeline. Check out the Union goon who called the Ethicaloil.org commercial “racist”. Note that the CBC has not uttered a word about Saudi Arabia’s efforts to muzzle Canadian media over Ethicaloil.org’s hard hitting commercial.

Background: Pipeline protest a big bust

OTTAWA – Oilsands protesters were called extremists and job killers Monday with dozens issued trespassing fines and temporary bans from Parliament Hill after what organizers billed as a demonstration for the history books.

The Greenpeace-organized event drew a few hundred on Parliament Hill where police manned barricades in anticipation of a demonstration of upwards of 8,000 protesters.