Pakistani Imam’s Issue Fatwa Calling For Jihad Against America – Term “Super Power” Now Reserved Solely For Allah!

Fatwa for Jihad against America

“LAHORE – As many as 50 religious scholars associated with the Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC), a conglomerate of 20 Barelvi school of thought groups, have declared that Jihad against the US would be obligatory for the entire in case of aggression against the country.

According a press release issued here on Sunday, the scholars had issued a decree for Jihad against the US, terming it real Jihad in defence of the homeland.

The fatwa also declared as haram (illegitimate) calling the US super power, saying only Allah Almighty deserved the title.

The scholars called upon the government to end the country’s role as front-line state in the so-called US war on terror and try to establish a new bloc comprising China, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. They also urged the government to start preaching Jihad in the way of God with the armed forces making preparations to counter any foreign aggression. They urged all politicians to bring back their assets from abroad as well as returning bank loans got through political influence.”