Reporter kicked out of Star’s Community Blog Election Coverage for being Conservative

Daniel Dickin: “in August 2011, The Toronto Star began recruiting reporters to cover the 2011 Ontario election. Their goal was to have at least one reporter in each riding to write about the election campaign and the local candidates in that riding. I was selected as the Community Correspondent for Ottawa South, the riding of incumbent Premier Dalton McGuinty

Quote from the Star: “We’re not trying to stifle discussion, but the Community Blogger role is unique and is meant to facilitate community discussion by keeping a neutral playing field. Please let me know if you’re on board. For the time being, we’ve deactivated your account but when we hear from you and know you’ve read and agree with the terms, we can reactivate your account.”

Now this is interesting. Kathy aka FiveFeetofFury was invited to join the Star’s Community Blog election coverage! Even after an e-mail back and forth with the “convenor” which basically went “Uhm do you know who I am?” etc. Kath gave up after the plug in required to link her blog to the Star’s forum could not be made to work despite much effort by both the Star and she.