The OHRC Is Holding A “Community Dialogue” On Religious Discrimination – And You Ain’t Invited!

“The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) will host a community dialogue on human rights relating to religious belief and practice in January 2012 in partnership with the University of Toronto’s Religion in the Public Sphere Initiative and Faculty of Law.

Short papers (6-8 pages) will be presented to and discussed with an invited audience of diverse community members, academics and human rights lawyers and practitioners. Papers may also be published on the OHRC website and in journal format, potentially in longer form.”

That’s nice, you have to be INVITED to be a community member – Flack Off Barbara.

Oh I think we can all see where this is train wreck headed…here’s one of the topics

4. Inclusive design and the accommodation of religious belief and practice in diverse organizational contexts

Discussion of trends and debates concerning the extent and limits of inclusively designing for, and accommodating, religious belief and practice in various social areas, including public and private sector employment and service provision (, justice, housing, health care etc.).

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