TDSB Mosqueteria Protest

Update: Muslims Celebrate the Defeat of Secularism in Toronto

It was a good turnout for the anti-mosqueteria side today. A small media contingent turned out. The Sun has a report and video up here.

The picture at left is of Mosqueteer organizer Chris Andrewsen summoning up mohammed I suppose, on TDSB property, he’s the one in the grey suit.  Not enough to do it in school I guess.

More pics here by Luis.

The Mainstream Media did make an appearance, this is Scott Stockdale of the venerable “Canadian Charger”

This placard was waved about prominently. It claims that Jewish services are also accomodated at TDSB schools. However the TDSB spokesperson I chatted with stated that, as far as she knew, this was done by permit on Rosh Hashanah only, for a single day, and that the school premises were rented. We’ll confirm these details Monday. 

In short, the Mosqueteers were spreadin the Taqiyyah pretty thick…..more to come

Shari Schwartz-Maltz is Media and Issues Manager for the TDSB, she has attended each protest and in her own words is there to observe and listen. She consented to this brief statement at my suggestion, which I hope will communicate that the TDSB is willing to hear from both sides on this matter.

Interview with Rev. Tony Costa